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Ten stations for team building and fun: MYSA improves awareness on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Mathare
Posted in RH, School Health by Myriam Sikaala on August 8th, 2012

For the second time, student peer educators (PE) of 12 secondary schools from Mathare Slums took a break from their busy school schedule to participate in an “Educative Forum” at the Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) grounds in Nairobi. The event, which took place on July 13, 2012, saw 192 peer educators of 12 AIDS [...]

Government strengthens coordination towards efficient comprehensive school health programmes
Posted in School Health by Jepchumba Violet on June 12th, 2012

With the operationalization of the comprehensive school health (CSH) policy gathering pace in Kenya, the Ministries of Public Health and Sanitation and of Education are instituting measures to ensure a coordinated approach in implementation.  A common Costed National Implementation Strategy (CNIS) and a National Monitoring and Evaluation Framework will guide these efforts.

Government scales up implementation of comprehensive school health programmes
Posted in School Health by Jepchumba Violet on March 4th, 2012

Lack of sustainability of school health programmes is a key challenge in implementing the National School Health Policy and Guidelines launched in 2009. A stakeholders meeting held in early February resolved to deal with this challenge by working within a proposed Comprehensive School Health Sustainability Charter in Kenya. The charter commits all stakeholders within the [...]

Bridging the Gap to Meet Reproductive Health Needs Among the Youth
Posted in General, RH, School Health by Faith Mahinda on November 28th, 2011

A report by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (2010) puts Kenya’s unmet need for Family Planning amongst those between 15-24 years at 49.6 per cent. This report compliments a rapid assessment by Pathfinder International, on Youth Friendly Services (YFS), which showed that young people throughout the world are changing their attitudes and behavior regarding [...]

Moving Towards Public Health Emergencies Preparedness
Posted in Disease Surveillance, General, School Health by Jepchumba Violet on April 18th, 2011

Kenya, like other developing countries, is vulnerable to public health emergencies and other crises because its health system is often insufficiently prepared and already overburdened. As a result, any response is untimely, poorly coordinated and ultimately ineffective. For this reason, the German Pandemic Preparedness Initiative (PPI) has broadened its focus from influenza preparedness to include Public [...]

Promoting Child Health through Healthy Children Life Cycle Initiative
Posted in School Health by Jepchumba Violet on November 29th, 2010

The World Bank has developed a concept on Healthy Children Life Cycle initiative and plans to operationalise the concept in Africa. The life cycle approach to healthy children involves a sequence of age-appropriate interventions including Maternal and Child Health (- 9 to 24 months), Early Childhood Development (0 to 6 years) and School Health and [...]

Kenya Launches Emergency Response to Polio Threat
Posted in Disease Surveillance, General, School Health by Jepchumba Violet on November 22nd, 2010

“We don’t want any children in our country or region to be paralyzed because of polio. We urge our neighbours to strengthen their health systems, even as we strengthen ours, so that we can protect our children.”  These were the words of the Minister for Public Health and sanitation, Hon. Beth Mugo, during the Launch [...]