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NHIF challenged to post audited financial statements on website
Posted in General, Health Financing by Alisha Rahemtulla on June 12th, 2012

A recent study by the International Budget Partnership (IBP) has recommended that Kenya’s National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) should be more public about their affairs and post on its website its audited financial statements for the past 10 years. IBP together with Twaweza Ni sisi, a citizen centered initiative focusing on large-scale change in East [...]

Government focuses on providing access to healthcare services for the poor in Kenya
Posted in General, Health Financing by Joanne Muigai on February 8th, 2012

Inability to pay the out-of-pocket expenditure required to access health services has been touted as one of the main impediments to access healthcare particularly for the poor and the vulnerable. An interview with a 70 year old man from Kipsitet in Kericho revealed that in order to pay the fees required he would often seek [...]

Removal of User Fees for Health Services: How Other Countries Have Done It
Posted in Health Financing, Policy, Projects by atia on January 12th, 2012

“Removing User fees has the potential to improve access to health services, especially for the poor” (B. Messen, et al, 2011). An ‘experts consultation’ organized by UNICEF in 2005 reached a similar consensus, one that has been corroborated by various experts on health across the world. However, B. Messen, et al synthesizes from a set [...]

Pan-African Health Congress on Universal Coverage Commits to Highlight Social Health Financing Innitiatives
Posted in Conferences/Workshops, Health Financing, Policy by atia on December 14th, 2011

Generating awareness and interest in proven social health financing and comprehensive health systems strengthening mechanisms was among the key recommendations at the 1st Pan-African Health Congress held in Accra Ghana in November. The Congress under the theme “creating a movement for universal coverage in health for Africa” was attended by representatives of Ministries of Health, [...]

GIZ Supports Implementation of the Hospital Management Services Fund
Posted in General, Health Financing, Policy, SWAP by Cavin Otieno on September 27th, 2011

In the year 2009, when the government established the Hospital Management Services Fund (HMSF), the health facility management boards at the facility level were replaced by management committees through Legal Notice No. 155 of the Government Financial Management Act.
Subsequent to the establishment of the Hospital Management Services Fund (HMSF) the Ministry of Medical Services (MOMS) embarked on a process to strengthen the management and governance systems through building the capacity of the newly appointed Hospital Management Committees across the country. This included the gazettement of the National Hospital Services Committee (NHSC) at the national level and of the Hospital Management Committees (HMCs) at the hospital level. The NHSC was gazette on 22 January 2010 and inaugurated on 6 May 2010 while the HMCs were gazetted on 1 April 2010. The next step undertaken by the Ministry of Medical Services with the support of Development Partners was the formulation of the Governance Guidelines for Hospital Management Committees and inducting these committees into their new roles. At the initial stage, the Ministry of Medical Services received funding from USAID through the Management Sciences for Health (MSH) to develop the guidelines, conduct training of trainers at the provincial level across the Country and produce a national rollout plan and budget. GIZ participated and provided technical input into the development of these guidelines.

During the national roll out of these guidelines, GIZ provided substantial resources to the Ministry of Medical Services towards the induction of the Hospital Management Committees. To date approximately 1553 members of Committees from 161 hospitals have received training and approximately 1032 members of Committees from 107 hospitals are yet to be trained. GIZ financed the training of 600 members of committees from 62 hospitals.

Innovation: What Does it Mean for the Health Market?
Posted in General, Health Financing, PPP by atia on September 27th, 2011

“What is ‘Innovation’”? “What does it mean for the ‘health’ market?” were some of the basic questions discussed in a round table forum on “Health Market Innovations” held on September 27, 2011, which was organised by the Institute of Health Management Policy and Research (IHPMR). It was underscored that issues of awareness, impact, market access, [...]

Are Faith Based Health Facilities Ready for the Health Sector Services Fund?
Posted in General, Health Financing, Policy by Cavin Otieno on September 11th, 2011

The Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation commissioned a study to assess of the institutional capacity and preparedness of FBO dispensaries and health centres for the disbursement of the Health Sector Services Fund (HSSF). The study was supported by the German International Cooperation (GIZ) and the World Bank. The assessment focused on the fiduciary risks, institutional and governance arrangements and the human resource capacity to successfully manage the funds and meet agreed service delivery targets on disbursement. The preliminary findings indicate that the Faith Based Central Secretariats in Nairobi (KEC, CHAK and SUPKEM) and the health facilities have adequate financial systems, suitable governance structures and an adequate planning and budgeting framework to receive the HSSF Disbursements.

Public- Private Partnerships for Universal Access: Can Kenya Learn from Tanzania?
Posted in Health Financing, PPP by atia on September 10th, 2011

Providing health to all citizens of Kenya is a fundamental right that has been guaranteed in the New Constitution. With a population of 41 million and large portion living in the informal sector, this becomes a mammoth task for the Government to ensure. Public private partnerships (PPPS) are contributing toward Universal Coverage. PPPs are important [...]

Is Performance-Based Financing the Magic Bullet for Health Sector Reform in Developing Countries?
Posted in Health Financing, Policy by atia on September 9th, 2011

…One of the main reasons for the Rwandan success is strong leadership and political will (Megan Ireland, Elisabeth Paul, & Bruno Dujardin) …it is effective in failed states such as the Central Africa Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Robert Soeters & Piet Vroeg) Performance based financing (PBF) is interesting due to its [...]

The First National Non-Communicable Diseases Forum Sets a New National Agenda
Posted in General, Health Financing by atia on August 29th, 2011

Acknowledging the importance of equitable access to quality and comprehensive care for people with or at risk of NCDs Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o the Minister for Medical Services concluded the three day forum (24-26August 2011) with a promise that the Government of Kenya will focus its attention on NCDs.

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